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Use of the logo and image material

The logo

The logo of Boes Media Solutions serves as a recognition value of the agency. It is protected by copyright and registered as a trademark. Its use is therefore subject to regulations.

Copyright and trademark protection

The use of the Boes Media Solutions logo, icons and image materials is permitted only under the following conditions:

  1.  You are a partner of the agency, would like to write a report about the agency in the spirit of freedom of the press, or have purchased a product from Boes Media Solutions that clearly justifies the use of the logo.
  2. The logo may not be used for promotion or advertising on your own behalf and without prior clarification with the agency.
  3. Guidelines on the proper use of the agency's trademark must be followed. 
  4. Before the expected use, clarify, if possible, by letter or e-mail (support@boes.media) off.
Proper use of the logo

Please pay special attention to the correct use of the logo, if we have allowed you to use it. Below are some examples of how proper use looks on different backgrounds. 

Correct use
Correct use
Correct use
Correct use
Incorrect use
Incorrect use
Incorrect use
Bottle use
The icon

The iconic feature is a part of our logo and is used, among other things, for the browser icon of the website, as an identifier on social media or in certain situations where the use of the logo seems inappropriate. The idea is that people should be able to tell at a quick glance that this is the Boes Media Solutions agency.

Image credits and video files

The image and video material on the website is mainly provided by Envato Elements or made available via licensing partners such as Pexels or Unsplash used. In any case, the licenses are clarified in advance. Further use of the images and videos provided on this website is not permitted. Please contact us as soon as possible if we have made a mistake and we have used one of your works. illegitimate used should have.

The certificate

If you purchase a website or other similar product from Boes Media Solutions, you have the possibility to mark it with a certificate. This means that your prospects and customers will immediately recognize that it is a professionally made product from Boes Media Solutions.

We have received your request

We usually get back to you shortly. In case of increased volume of inquiries, there may be longer waiting times. If you have not received an answer please contact us directly at support@boes.media or via +43 2262 20 422