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Information about the use

1. introductory information

The Boes Media Solutions agency uses cookies and similar web technologies (hereinafter referred to as "cookies") to store small user-specific data packets on your hard drive in order to optimize your experience on the Boes Media Solutions website. 

This statement is intended to inform you about the use of cookies and to show what options you have to influence the use of our cookies.

2. link to data protection

Our cookies preferentially store personal page settings or analytical data, but may also contain user-specific information such as name or email address.

Cookies are used by us primarily on the website, but also in our applications and services primarily for marketing purposes and to improve the user experience. 

For further information on the storage of personal data, please refer to the current version of our privacy policy.

3. image and video credits

Cookies are small text files consisting of combinations of numbers and letters.

These micro-files are downloaded from our server or the server of one of our partners or third parties and stored in the RAM or hard drive of the user's device for reuse. 

The files have a file size that has a negligible effect on memory capacity and therefore offers little relevance to memory usage.

Among other things, web browsers, for example, can read the information from the cookies in order to display the website again in a user-specific version when you visit it.

Web bacons, on the other hand, are small graphics that are sent along in marketing emails, for example, and store small data packets in the main memory or on your hard drive, similar to cookies.

4. different types of cookies

The Agency records different types of cookies, which we classify in more detail below:

  • Cookies for core functionality - These cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the website. Therefore, for the use of the website, for this type of cookies, consent must always be given.
  • Personal cookies - These allow us to customize the website to the user in order to improve the user experience and display personalized information faster. This type of cookies is optional to deselect, but important for proper use of the customer zone. 
  • Analytical cookies - These cookies allow us to collect information and data to get an evaluation of which services are used more often and with pleasure. Statistics are created, which help us to adjust our marketing specifically to our customers. This type of cookie can be optionally disabled. 
  • Marketing Cookies - These cookies help us track user trends beyond the core website and create engaging advertisements. This type of cookies can be optionally deselected.

Cookies that do not fall under the above areas are our own uncategorized cookies or some third-party cookies. 

These uncategorized cookies can help us provide advanced features to our users and their use is therefore optional.

5. settings for use

In order to make the setting for the use of cookies as easy as possible for you, you have the option when visiting the website for the first time to select which cookies you accept or agree to the general use of cookies (except for "cookies for core functionality"). 

If you wish to remove the cookies from our website from your hard drive, you can do so by deleting the cookies in the settings area of your web browser.  

Once you have removed all cookies and cleaned the cache memory, you will be able to load a fresh version of our website including again the setting options for the use of cookies.

6. information and contact

If you would like to learn more about cookies, we recommend reading articles about the technical structure of cookie technology on the Internet. 

If you have any further questions about cookies, please contact the Boes Media Solutions team using the options provided in the privacy policy.

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Settings for the use of cookies

If your web browser allows it, you can access the settings for the use of cookies again via the "Cookie settings" button mentioned above. If you wish to block or delete all cookies, please do so in the settings of your web browser.

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